Friday, July 26, 2013


So, last summer I came down with double pneumonia & it lasted about eight weeks. Because of the extensive damage to my lungs, I developed asthma. I never actually had an asthma attack until today. I had felt some pain in the hollow of my throat before & used my rescue inhaler as needed, but today I had the most terrifying moment I think I have ever experienced. Jonah & two of his friends were on the porch & I walked out to say hello. Before I said anything I yawned. Not a huge yawn.. just a normal everyday my-brain-needs-oxygen-randomly yawn. I felt the pain in my throat, so I sat down & tried to relax a little bit because sometimes that keeps me from having to use an inhaler at all & I was pretty sure both of my Xopenex inhalers were still packed from the cruise. Within about fourteen seconds, my airways were completely closed off & I was panicking. I felt like Joffrey at his wedding feast. I walked inside to scramble for an inhaler & started seeing black spots in my vision & my chest started heaving so I walked back out & tried to choke out words that would make sense to Jonah. He understood & immediately jumped up to help me. He found my Xopenex inhaler almost immediately & then quickly realized I needed the beefier Albuterol rescue inhaler, so he pulled me to the floor, stretched my legs out in front of me & raised my hands above my head, making me lean back against our kitchen cabinets. He dug out the Albuterol inhaler & I finally got some relief & then I realized I was also having a panic attack.

& that was my evening! Oh & I also cooked some really awesome black bean soup & watched Grey's Anatomy reruns & played with my kid. But mostly, I had my first actual asthma attack & my lips turned blue & all I could think was that if Jonah hadn't been home & hadn't known where my inhalers were.. well, I don't want to think about it. Jackson was already asleep, but he's two years old anyway, so I'mmmmmmmmmm not entirely sure what he could have done for me anyway.

Just a scary situation.

& that's right guys. I'm the asthmatic girl. I never in my entire life thought that I would have ANY health problems. I'm now twenty-four years old & terrified to be more than ten feet from a rescue inhaler, sleep with nasal spray next to my bed, take a plethora of medications each morning & evening, have a neurologist that knows me by name, a chiropractor who thinks I'm a lost cause, & am starting pain management soon. Seriously. How did I GET THESE GENES? Oohhh the luck.


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