Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Slight Stress Relief??

Over the past few weeks, one of our main stressors has been how to go about finding me a good OBGYN in New York since that's where I'm delivering Levi. We have had so many negative experiences during my pregnancy with doctors, nurse practitioners, etc, & because of this, as soon as we found out we were moving I scoured the internet & made phone calls almost daily, trying to find a doctor that I at least got a good feeling about. I eventually just gave up, though, because everyone I spoke with was booked up for deliveries all the way from May to July!! Why did everyone get pregnant during autumn??!

Anyway, today I decided to bite the bullet & start researching again. Time is escaping me, so I really had no choice at this point. I brought up my browser, went to google, & typed "OBGYN Schenectady area" & the very first thing that popped up was a link to a white middle-aged female with short red hair named Dr. Elina Burstyn (I've never found her before in my searches). I think she is a God-send.

Their office has a website named after her ( ), she has 4.5 out of 5 stars & all of her reviews are novels praising her every move, including one woman raving about how Dr. Burstyn (pronounced bur-steen) cancelled her vacation to come deliver the woman's baby! She has a nurse practitioner working with her, & all of her reviews are fantastic as well. I hate Southeast Texas!! If you find a doctor with a decent review, he's booked through 2013 & has crappy nurses or something.

OH & the kicker is, her original office location that she JUST moved out of recently was on McClelland Street. Hellooooo, sign from heaven???

I called & scheduled an appointment for April 25, which is a Monday. I'm going to try to reschedule for an earlier date as soon as I know for sure when we will be in NY. The desk nurse that answered my call was fantastic too & sounded just like a Jersey Shore girl. Looove her.

I'm sure something will go wrong, lol.. But for now, I'm elated! I have a doctor! I know who is going to be delivering my son!! Hallelujah!! Now to get past the shower tomorrow, get the house packed up & in storage while Jonah finds us somewhere to live.. Things are falling into place. Whew. When can I relax???


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