Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I feel like an update is needed..

It is 11:25pm and Jackson is up. That is all. Feel sorry for me. He decided I was to have a horrible birthday.

Flapjacks & Udders

I've never really been interested in my birthday. This has a lot to do with the fact that I somehow always manage to have a really crappy one. I'm pretty sure it's black magic of some sort. I was anticipating it nervously last night while texting husband & he even made the comment (see image to left) that my birthday always manages to be a great big suckfest.  Anyway, it was an accurate prediction. Jackson decided that this morning was a fantastic time to urinate so intensely that he soaked through his diaper, his onesie, his pants, & also saturated his blankets & sheets. So at 6 am I was changing him & his bed & frantically making another bottle, attempting to lure him back into the land of Nod before his groggy eyes caught sight of shiny things & he officially began terrorizing the world for the day. I succeeded! I was so excited! And then.. my cousin's dogs caught sight of Medusa, the skittish cat that eats near the edge of the porch (when she can find a dog-free window of safety, that is). Cajun & Legit (don't ask about the name of the latter, I don't know either) LOST THEIR FREAKIN' MINDS & chased Medusa off the porch. But instead of being her normal skittish self, she taunted them with her presence just out of their reach. They were trapped on the porch, gated & fenced in. The demon feline flicked her tail & teased her adversaries for a half hour. For a full half hour I listened to their yelps & howls & whines. & then.. I lost it.

I don't mean I kinda lost it.. I mean I really, honestly, really really lost it. I launched myself somehow all the way from the living room to the kitchen, grabbed the largest plastic cup I could find & vengefully filled it with ice from the freezer & tap water. I stirred it to make sure it was as cold as possible, then swung open the swing door & flung the 50+ ounces of ice water all over the little mutts. (Sorry Vali, I love you, & I love your dogs.. Tons, really, I do. Really. Really!) But it was too late. 6:45am & Jax was up saying "Mama! Joof! Chachin! Dada! Mama Dada Mama Daddy Mama Dad!" He then started ripping his diaper off.

And so began my 23rd birthday.

Since then it's been less eventful, except for the massive fit he pitched when I wouldn't let him chew on my iPhone charger or stick his finger in my free USB slot on the side of my laptop.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Sometimes I fall off the blogging bandwagon because I have nothing nice to say. It's really difficult to remember to always be positive when you have stuff going on, and I'll catch myself typing up a great big blog full of negativity. Sometimes I'll even post it just so that part of me relaxes a little, and then I immediately delete it. No one but Jonah reads this anyway as far as I can tell so I think that's just as well. So.. All of that being said, I have nothing good to say about anything. I don't know when I will.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was this past weekend, & although we didn't celebrate it on Sunday, we did go to Jonah's grandparents' house in Buna for lunch & an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. It was nice. We missed Jared & Veronica & the kids by about ten minutes, & Josh & the girls didn't come down, but the rest of the Widener side of the family was there & it was nice. We saw David & Rita & their twins for the first time in probably about a year? Jackson found his very first (& only) egg, but he wasn't too sure about the grass. It was dry & poky. & freshly mowed, which made his allergies go nuts, like they weren't already struggling. But it was fun & he looked adorable.

He & Emma played on a blanket under a tree for hours. They are so sweet together :) I love that he has a cousin so close to him in age. My stupid phone was dead so I don't have not one picture that I can upload from it, but as soon as I find the cord for my camera I'll upload a few that I took with it.

I've had to give him Benadryl a few more times recently, because of his allergies. He is having a hard time with minding lately. As soon as he understood that the word "no" wasn't a magical binding contract, just a strongly voiced suggestion from his mama whom he can charm with his sweet smiles, he started pushing boundaries & testing limits & lines. I can't help but laugh half the time, & my heart just aches when he cries. BUT, he IS learning, & that's good. His biggest issue is staying away from the desk. I think he'll get it soon :)

While we were at Meme & Papa's house, Connie picked him up & sat on the rope swing with him. One of the ropes was rotten & it popped just as she sat on it, & they fell to the ground. The wooden seat of the swing swung on the rope that was still intact & connected pretty soundly with the back of his head. Poor baby has a big cut across the back of his head & everyone keeps saying "OHMYGOSH WHAT HAPPENED TO JAX??" So I have to reiterate the story every time we see someone we haven't seen in a while :P He hardly cried at all & it didn't bleed, but it did scab over somehow. He's fine though. Now that he is starting to try to walk, he looks like someone beats on him all the time. He fell on the fireplace the other day & bruised his ear really badly, & the very next day Jonah & I were in the back yard feeding the dogs & we heard him start screaming. We both bolted back inside & found him sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor crying. Neither of us could find a scratch on him, but that night when I was putting him to bed I discovered a pretty big knot on the back of his head, so I'm thinking he must've fell on the tile. We were outside for all of two minutes & he'd already hurt himself. Clumsiness DOES run rampant on both sides of his family, though.

Tomorrow Janna & Rory are coming over. Janna says she wants to help me unpack but I think we'll just play with the kids probably. :)

& right now, Jackson is playing with Hot Wheels that Syrus left behind & watching Woody the Woodpecker cartoons on Hulu. Love my kid :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Puppy Chow!

So, we got a dog. Two dogs, actually. We got a puppy
, Zoe, & a full grown half Chow half German Shepherd named Ranger. Here's a pic of Ranger :) He is a sweetheart. He's really good to Zoe too. She's just six weeks old & misses her mama.

Other than the new pups, we're just getting settled in. Jonah came home night before last & so he will be here for Easter, which is exciting. Jackson was so happy to see him. He leaves again Sunday evening for a night job, but any time we get with him is great.

Jax isn't settling into the new house quite as well as we'd hoped, but I'm sure it'll take some time. He doesn't sleep good at night at all. I'm going to get him a night light next tim
e I got to the store & see if maybe that helps. I certainly hope so. He gets me up between 2 & 5 times every night, without fail. One night I even had to give him Benadryl because his allergies wer
e acting crazy, & he STILL got me up three times. I don't mind much, but I worry about him because he's getting circles under his eyes & just now, he fell asleep in his high chair while I was walking to get a wet wipe to clean him up after his dinner. Really, he did.. My poor baby. I think he'll probably have to wait til tomorrow for a bath :P

Well, have a good night! I guess I'll be up bright & early since he fell asleep at SEVEN! :P

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am so grateful to have married into the family that I did! My brothers-in-law seriously do not know how much I appreciate them. They were more than a big help yesterday. This is how my day went, so you can imagine how grateful I truly am..

I got a phone call from Josh, younger of Jonah's two older brothers, yesterday morning around 8:30am letting me know he was picking up a trailer & heading my way (from Brenham to Katy). Photobucket The day before, he had realized that something was wrong with his brakes though, so he was "limping" the trailer to me & said it would take him about an hour & twenty minutes to arrive. The older of the brothers, Jared, was driving in from Jasper & stopping in Baytown to pick up a part for his truck that he needed so he could pull the trailer all the way to Groves for me.
Josh arrived at my apartment complex around forty minutes earlier than expected. He had a friend, Joe, with him. Kristin & I took the kids to get some breakfast after I let the guys in the gate.. We went about 4 miles down the road to Sonic & then stopped by a convenient store for energy drinks on the way back to the apartment complex. We were gone all of about fifteen minutes I guess? When we pulled back up to my garage, I realized that in those fifteen minutes, Josh & Joe had completely emptied my house of all furniture, & all of the boxes that were downstairs had been loaded also. I was absolutely amazed & I felt guilty for sitting down to eat before I got up & helped them.
Right as we were finishing feeding the kids, Jared pulled up. He hugged me hello & immediately got to work loading boxes. After a few minutes, all that was left to do upstairs was box the things that had been forgotten because of the clutter & bring all the trash down to the dumpster. The guys took a break & afterwards they removed the tire on Josh's truck & fixed his brake, right there in the parking lot. The entire time they were there, they had Syrus as a shadow. Kristin was a little nervous about it at first because she didn't want him in the way, but Josh demanded we "leave the boy alone," because "he [was] keepin' [the guys] company." Josh said Syrus was entertaining them with his random four year old conversation, which we found pretty amusing.
So between the two of us, Kristin & I removed the apartment of everything aside from the appliances they'd provided. She vacuumed while I went downstairs to make sure everything was out of the garage. The guys loaded the new boxes we'd just filled & did a once over to make sure everything was fine, took the garbage to the compacter, & loaded up.
There were a few stops I had to make on the way to Groves but Kristin & the kids & I managed to still make it there before Josh & Jared & Joe, because they stopped (of course) at Hooters to have lunch. This upset me because I'd wanted to buy their lunch, but I knew they wouldn't let me anyway.

Once they arrived in Groves, Kristin & I had already decided we needed to find a Wal-Mart & load up on cleaning supplies, because my landlord has a very skewed view of what's clean & what isn't -.- So, we took Jackson (Josh demanded we leave Syrus with them) & went to town. By the time we got back (It took us all of half an hour?) the furniture & boxes were ALL unloaded, Jackson's furniture (aside from his crib) was in his room, all the boxes were in the guest room like I asked, my bed had been assembled & put in the exact spot I'd wanted it, the couch was reassembled (sectional) & the tv was even on the mantle. We just stood there for a few minutes, taking it all in, confused. They are machines!!!!

Jared left in a hurry because he & Veronica had plans, but Josh & Joe hung out for about an hour. We sat in my garage & talked a bit while the boys played inside. The guys disassembled & reassembled Jackson's crib, as was necessary to get it in his room, & then we said bye & they took off. Kristin & I just kind of sat there for a minute, taking everything in. We had SO much less to do!
Now, Kristin is a very similar story. That girl was such a big help to me words can't even describe how thankful I am to have had her with me. She had a million different excuses she could have given me as to why she couldn't come help, but instead she rearranged her weekend & made herself readily available. Not many people have ever done that for me & I appreciate her an outstanding amount as well.

All in all, this was the smoothest move I've ever experienced, & it's about my eighth one in two years, so I'm pretty experienced in the process.

Thanks again, guys!


On a lighter front..
-I see Kendra realizes her worth.. Wait.. That's mean. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice lady. Who may or may not have (may have) slept with Hugh Hefner.
-I really just think Lindsay Lohan is the absolute last person Glee needs as a guest star. The show has been a little risque at times, but it's still based on a bunch of high school kids. Plus, they made fun of her very frequently in the second season. [Is it bad that I watch Glee? Nah]. Besides, she MADE OUT WITH HER MOTHER IN A CLUB! ?!!!!!!!!
-I'm a little worried about how this is going to turn out.
-I'm reposting this from Mr. Thomas' blog, but Venus is creepy & I wanted to share.
-Food for thought. A little out there, but still. Good advice on some fronts.
-This is touching.
That's all! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Move

Tomorrow is the day. The brothers-in-law (gotta love those Seamans) are coming to Katy with their great big trucks and a trailer and their big strong muscles, and they are loading up and trucking it to Groves for me. I'll of course be here to help load, as will Kristin. I'm extremely excited to get out of the city but I'm still not sure how I feel about living in MidCounty. I bet it will grow on me. I know for a fact that I'll miss ordering delivery whenever I want and being 45 seconds from everything I could possibly need (the Katy Mills Mall is less than 3 minutes from my front door currently and that's been nice for sure). I enjoyed being so close to my dad and Belinda and the kids, as well as Josh and his girls and Ben & Kate, but now I'll be close to other friends and family also do it isn't like we are holing ourselves up in some secluded place in another state. I'm very thankful that our transfer was to Beaumont and not somewhere farther away, such as Florida (don't get me wrong; everyone loves a good beach, but I imagine I would eventually get sick of sand and salt and sunburns). Tonight all that's left to do is move boxes downstairs and take out an exorbitant amount of trash. And bathe. Oh sweet baby Jesus I cannot wait to bathe! Here are a few images of the new place.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


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My, my, how time flies.

I haven't posted on this blog since before my son was born. I looked up several people on Blogspot & I have been reading a few familiar faces' thoughts of the day, so to speak. It's compelled me to set up camp here. I recently deleted my Facebook, which is probably common knowledge to most, but I still will receive a text or two a week from some insecure idiot who thinks I've deleted them out of malice, due to some silent complaint or unknown issue.

I take issue with that. I told Nikki this yesterday, & I thought on it a lot last night, & I believe I'm right. Facebook ruined the internet by taking down Myspace. Myspace was dumb & petty & eventually got old & boring, but it was fully customizable & you were able to show the world little pieces of your personality, however irritating that may be. Facebook, with it's popularity, slowly overtook Myspace & put poor Tom out of a job.. In doing so, it took away the customization opportunities of the former top social networking site & threw us all into a uniform world of bland pastels & "statuses."

Now, instead of spending time showing a little bit of themselves to their "friends," people have developed egos that can only be explained by a sense of immunity. They're sitting in their homes behind their keyboards & they're brave because no one can get to them, no one can punish them for what they say. So, even though they don't actually give a crap about what any of their "friends" have to say, they're attacking left & right, twisting words & ambiguous text & coyly placed emotes to mean what they want. They can be completely malicious & say later "oh, you read it wrong because you couldn't hear my voice!" This is true, there is no voice inflection through text, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when a known bitch is being a bitch, am I right?

So, I predict the plummet of Facebook as well. Maybe if I understood the use of number signs in Twitter, I'd join it just to see what the big deal is.. But I'm not entirely sure #whypeopledostufflikethis on their Tweets. ?! Who knows.. Basically though, my point is this: Social networking sites are gateways for more drama than I think any of us ever anticipated. It is my sincere hope that they are on their way out. I honestly miss the old days of Xanga, even though I'm thoroughly embarrassed by my teen ways when I personally updated a Xanga account. -sigh- one day I'll figure out how to have those removed.

Anyway, NO I did not delete you from my Facebook. I deleted the entire thing. Facebook isn't fun anymore guys, & you'll realize it if you just write down every time you have something to complain about that is Facebook related. So & so said WHAT?!