Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have so much to update everyone on! I honestly have been putting off writing this because I don't know where to start, lol.. It's funny how much can happen in just 6 days!

My last post was the 25th. The day after that was my baby shower, which was fantastic! It was beautiful & so many wonderful family members & friends came & brought us wonderful gifts for Levi. Kelley, Connie, & Aunt Sue did a great job decorating & Kristin did a FANTASTIC job on my cake. I have pictures up [here] of everything, buuuuut...

Isn't it amazing?? She did so good. & yes, that IS Toad sitting on the edge of the bottom layer :P
Kelley ordered such a cool banner for us, too.

& Mama Sue made an adorable diaper cake with a monkey on top of it :P

All in all I was very pleased with how everything looked :) As far as gifts go, holy cow! I was so surprised! People went the more practical route for my shower. I received VERY nice things.. Things I actually registered for & that we actually really needed! Normally you go to a shower & the receiver gets an overabundance of clothing & little knick-knack stuff. I got the monitors I asked for, the exact diaper bag I wanted, an awesome bouncer, lots of bottles (including the Dr. Brown ones I wanted for colicky babies), a BOPPY (yessssssssssss :D) & TONS of other stuff. Oooh & don't forget about all the homemade stuff! I was given beautiful blankets & all kinds of awesome stuff with Levi's name embroidered on them. I'm so excited :) Now all I need is a bassinet, my baby bedding, & a few other small things. Things are pulling together to prepare me for Levi's arrival!! I need to send out thank-you cards & start working on making his baby book (that's right--I'm making it myself!)
NEXT big thing is that Jonah found us a place to live! Who's excited? I'm excited, for sure. He found us a beautiful corporate apartment just a few miles from his office. Look!!

Aren't they beautiful?? I'm so happy! Doc? Check. Apt? Check. Now we just have to get there!
Other than that, we have been spending time with people before we leave.. Shaun & Jenny leave tomorrow to go home to D.C. & we decided to definitely squeeze another visit in with them before they left. We went to Galveston on Monday & had a really great time :) Yesterday Jonah & I went to the fair for a little while & then went to Pearland & picked up Tre' & Katy (& were nearly killed by an idiotic truck driver who thought it unnecessary to check his blind spots before switching over 3 lanes of traffic at once while going at least 70 mph). They're here with us til tomorrow visiting, & then we're headed south to visit some family & then very much southeast for Jonah's work! Busy bees, busy bees!! :)


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