Saturday, July 27, 2013

Puppy Chow

My kid is addicted to blind dog's puppy chow. He sneaks handfulls into his pockets and even into his diaper, stashes them away in his bedroom, & munches all day. That can't be completely healthy. Jonah says it won't hurt him but frankly, it grosses me out. He eats like a horse all other times as well, though, so I think he literally just enjoys the taste. Today for breakfast I made Jonah & Jackson french toast, or "sweet toast" as Jax calls it, & he ate everything on his plate and half of a pear & drank all of his almond milk.. & as soon as I cleaned him up he stole like 76 puppy nuggets and shoved them all in his mouth at once.

Oh well. Iron, fiber, calcium, multiple vitamins.. rollin' with the punches here on Cherry Hill.


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