Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things Are Crazy!!

As I look back on the past year of our lives, I sit amazed at how much has changed. Jonah & I had only known each other for 6 months when we married & had only been dating for 4. Since then we've experienced so much! It's like our life just refuses to slow down, & now that we are expecting our first child I don't see us ever being blessed with a reduction of pace.
As most of you are already aware, we are relocating from Lumberton, TX to upstate New York in less than a month & will be there for right at 5 months. This means in less than a month I need to have everything RE-packed, find a storage facility of some sort for the things we can't bring with us, find somewhere to live while in NY that Jonah's company will approve for compensation, find me a doctor since I'll be giving birth in New York (hooray, right??), etc, etc, etc. The list never ends! We are constantly on the move, staying busy. I don't think I'd trade it for the world, though.
The hardest part is finding the funds & time to see everyone before we go. This week we were blessed with visits from 2 of Jonah's oldest & dearest friends. Johnny Green left today after about a week down from New York (It's nice to know there will be someone familiar semi-near while we're in Schenectady), & Shaun Wesberry & his wife & son have been down also, from D.C. Jonah was thrilled to see them, & it was really wonderful to be able to spend time with Johnny before he left & to meet Shaun & his family. Jenny is hilarious & such great company, & Oliver is precious. He doesn't like me much, though, haha. If you listen to old wives' tales, that's because I'm pregnant with Levi.
Speaking of our son; holy cow, has he been on the move lately!! He is growing so fast (& making mommy grow too.. a little too much!). I swear he is already 6 feet tall! He stays balled up on my right side, mostly in my ribs & back. It is the strangest feeling ever! It's so funny to look back just a year or two ago. I never saw myself weighing this much, sporting this many stretch marks, being this swollen & achy & sloth-like... I certainly never thought I would be head over heels in love with a little boy I've never even met. Sure, he's ruined my amazing leftover-from-teen-years body, caused me to develop sciatica, made me a hormonal nutcase & increased the volatile repurcussions of allowing my to become hungry by about a zillion.. But he is still the most amazing thing that has ever happened to our family.
We still haven't decided on anything about his name other than Levi. We were going to try to encorporate Shelby in there somehow, but I'm not entirely sure what the best way to do that is.
I'd better get back to cleaning!! I'll update just as much as I possibly can! Busy week ahead. We have my baby shower & a crawfish boil at The Wesberrys' both on Saturday, plus Colton's first game of the season. Hope I have enough energy to make it til Sunday, lol!


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