Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well folks, we have been in New York for over a week now, & I think we are finally settled in. Our apartment is really nice! We thought at first the 1 bedroom 1 bathroom thing would be a problem with how often I have to run to the restroom these days, & with family coming to visit once Levi is born, but we are seeing now that it probably won't be that big of a deal.. Especially since the queen-sized bed in the gigantic bedroom is completely free, along with a full-sized air mattress & a very comfy couch :) Neither of us can handle sleeping in the bed.. It is SO uncomfortable! So we sleep on the daybed in the den instead :P A little cramped, but much nicer on the joints.

So, everyone keeps asking me how our trip went. I'm not sure which angle to approach this from, exactly, haha.. As far as my comfort was concerned, I was perfectly fine! The first day we traveled only about 3 hours, from our apartment in Lumberton to my grandmother's in Louisiana.. We spent 2 days with family & then headed for Tennessee.. We went through Arkansas because we had planned on stopping & visiting with a friend, but that fell through.. We wound up being on the road for nearly 13 hours that day. Such a good night's rest! :P

In Nashville it rained & rained & rained.. We went to eat at a country seafood restaurant near the Opry.. The food was really great! From there we headed to Virginia.. & it rained all the way there.. Made it there by around 8 that night & stayed in a VERY cool old hotel. It was the General Francis Marion Hotel in Marion, Virginia. Our room was at the very end of a long hallway & everything was so insanely creepy! Jonah said he felt like he had walked onto the set of The Shining.

We left there bright & early the next morning, headed to D.C. It shouldn't have taken us nearly as long as it did, but we drove into one of the worse storms that part of the country had seen in years.. The wind was horrible & there was HUGE hail pelting us for miles & miles. We went 30 mph for over an hour, possibly longer. I had been reading Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut to Jonah throughout the entire trip (I started somewhere after Arkansas), but I had to stop so we could both concentrate on the road as a team during those storms. It was horrible because we were so tense the entire time, when we finally stopped for the night we were insanely sore! That storm is the one that has been on the news for spawning all the tornadoes in Virginia.

We finally got to D.C. & stayed the night at Shaun & Jenny's. Shaun was doing a 110 mile bike ride for the wounded warriors & didn't actually get back home until around 6 the next night. The next day when we got up, Jenny & I ran to Target for a few things & Jonah watched Oliver, which I thought was amusing :P Then we all loaded up & Jenny took us on a tour. We went to D.C. & went to all the memorials & monuments we could squeeze into the day. We wanted so badly to go to the museums & galleries, but there was just no time.. They all closed at 4 pm :(

I got lots of pictures before my camera died, but apparently during the packing process back in Texas, the camera charger & USB cable were both stored :( I'm gonna have to get creative to get the pics off the camera, but as soon as I do I'll post them!

Anyway we spent another night in D.C. & got up bright & early the next morning, New York bound. The states are so small up here it took us no time at all to hit the NY state line.. & not too long afterwards, the rain started again. I don't remember exactly what time it was when we made it to our apartment complex, but I know it was sometime between noon & 2. I was so exhausted from being on the road for days & days that I couldn't keep up with details, lol..

We went into the office & finalized the lease agreement & then came straight to our new home! I'll put pics up of our apartment as soon as I can also. It's nice. The couch is EXTREMELY comfortable, which is awesome! Uncomfortable couches are no fun.

Since we've been here, we've already been brought a brand new dryer from maintenance, called the cops on neighbors, called the office on other neighbors.. lol.. seems like we're all settled! :P

I got Levi's bassinet & swing in the mail a few days ago & Jonah put the bassinet together. It's in the bedroom that we don't sleep in, waiting on the bassinet sheets to come in the mail so I can continue nesting. We STILL don't know what middle name we are going to give him yet. I'm sure when the time comes, I'll just know.

As far as the pregnancy is concerned, all is well. I had an appointment the day before yesterday with my new doctor, Elina Burstyn. My first appointment with them was at 1:15 but it was cancelled because Dr. Burstyn had to run to the hospital for a delivery. Then another woman went into labor, but she hadn't even dilated to a 2 yet, so she came back to the office. I saw her around 3:30 I guess it was? (Jonah & I had gone to Babies-R-Us while we were waiting... it is literally about 300 yards from my doc's office). She gave me paperwork to bring downstairs, putting me on physical therapy for the next few weeks, & we scheduled an ultrasound appointment for May 11, so we will have more information regarding position & due dates then.

I can tell you that he feels like he is about to fall out at all times, & my hormonal moments have gotten a thousand times more intense, but there are lots fewer of them. My bladder is still shrinking, & sleeping is really difficult because of joint pain. All in all, I'm SO ready for June!!!!

Will post more when there's more to say, I guess! :)


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