Friday, March 30, 2012

The Move

Tomorrow is the day. The brothers-in-law (gotta love those Seamans) are coming to Katy with their great big trucks and a trailer and their big strong muscles, and they are loading up and trucking it to Groves for me. I'll of course be here to help load, as will Kristin. I'm extremely excited to get out of the city but I'm still not sure how I feel about living in MidCounty. I bet it will grow on me. I know for a fact that I'll miss ordering delivery whenever I want and being 45 seconds from everything I could possibly need (the Katy Mills Mall is less than 3 minutes from my front door currently and that's been nice for sure). I enjoyed being so close to my dad and Belinda and the kids, as well as Josh and his girls and Ben & Kate, but now I'll be close to other friends and family also do it isn't like we are holing ourselves up in some secluded place in another state. I'm very thankful that our transfer was to Beaumont and not somewhere farther away, such as Florida (don't get me wrong; everyone loves a good beach, but I imagine I would eventually get sick of sand and salt and sunburns). Tonight all that's left to do is move boxes downstairs and take out an exorbitant amount of trash. And bathe. Oh sweet baby Jesus I cannot wait to bathe! Here are a few images of the new place.

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