Thursday, March 29, 2012

My, my, how time flies.

I haven't posted on this blog since before my son was born. I looked up several people on Blogspot & I have been reading a few familiar faces' thoughts of the day, so to speak. It's compelled me to set up camp here. I recently deleted my Facebook, which is probably common knowledge to most, but I still will receive a text or two a week from some insecure idiot who thinks I've deleted them out of malice, due to some silent complaint or unknown issue.

I take issue with that. I told Nikki this yesterday, & I thought on it a lot last night, & I believe I'm right. Facebook ruined the internet by taking down Myspace. Myspace was dumb & petty & eventually got old & boring, but it was fully customizable & you were able to show the world little pieces of your personality, however irritating that may be. Facebook, with it's popularity, slowly overtook Myspace & put poor Tom out of a job.. In doing so, it took away the customization opportunities of the former top social networking site & threw us all into a uniform world of bland pastels & "statuses."

Now, instead of spending time showing a little bit of themselves to their "friends," people have developed egos that can only be explained by a sense of immunity. They're sitting in their homes behind their keyboards & they're brave because no one can get to them, no one can punish them for what they say. So, even though they don't actually give a crap about what any of their "friends" have to say, they're attacking left & right, twisting words & ambiguous text & coyly placed emotes to mean what they want. They can be completely malicious & say later "oh, you read it wrong because you couldn't hear my voice!" This is true, there is no voice inflection through text, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when a known bitch is being a bitch, am I right?

So, I predict the plummet of Facebook as well. Maybe if I understood the use of number signs in Twitter, I'd join it just to see what the big deal is.. But I'm not entirely sure #whypeopledostufflikethis on their Tweets. ?! Who knows.. Basically though, my point is this: Social networking sites are gateways for more drama than I think any of us ever anticipated. It is my sincere hope that they are on their way out. I honestly miss the old days of Xanga, even though I'm thoroughly embarrassed by my teen ways when I personally updated a Xanga account. -sigh- one day I'll figure out how to have those removed.

Anyway, NO I did not delete you from my Facebook. I deleted the entire thing. Facebook isn't fun anymore guys, & you'll realize it if you just write down every time you have something to complain about that is Facebook related. So & so said WHAT?!


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