Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am so grateful to have married into the family that I did! My brothers-in-law seriously do not know how much I appreciate them. They were more than a big help yesterday. This is how my day went, so you can imagine how grateful I truly am..

I got a phone call from Josh, younger of Jonah's two older brothers, yesterday morning around 8:30am letting me know he was picking up a trailer & heading my way (from Brenham to Katy). Photobucket The day before, he had realized that something was wrong with his brakes though, so he was "limping" the trailer to me & said it would take him about an hour & twenty minutes to arrive. The older of the brothers, Jared, was driving in from Jasper & stopping in Baytown to pick up a part for his truck that he needed so he could pull the trailer all the way to Groves for me.
Josh arrived at my apartment complex around forty minutes earlier than expected. He had a friend, Joe, with him. Kristin & I took the kids to get some breakfast after I let the guys in the gate.. We went about 4 miles down the road to Sonic & then stopped by a convenient store for energy drinks on the way back to the apartment complex. We were gone all of about fifteen minutes I guess? When we pulled back up to my garage, I realized that in those fifteen minutes, Josh & Joe had completely emptied my house of all furniture, & all of the boxes that were downstairs had been loaded also. I was absolutely amazed & I felt guilty for sitting down to eat before I got up & helped them.
Right as we were finishing feeding the kids, Jared pulled up. He hugged me hello & immediately got to work loading boxes. After a few minutes, all that was left to do upstairs was box the things that had been forgotten because of the clutter & bring all the trash down to the dumpster. The guys took a break & afterwards they removed the tire on Josh's truck & fixed his brake, right there in the parking lot. The entire time they were there, they had Syrus as a shadow. Kristin was a little nervous about it at first because she didn't want him in the way, but Josh demanded we "leave the boy alone," because "he [was] keepin' [the guys] company." Josh said Syrus was entertaining them with his random four year old conversation, which we found pretty amusing.
So between the two of us, Kristin & I removed the apartment of everything aside from the appliances they'd provided. She vacuumed while I went downstairs to make sure everything was out of the garage. The guys loaded the new boxes we'd just filled & did a once over to make sure everything was fine, took the garbage to the compacter, & loaded up.
There were a few stops I had to make on the way to Groves but Kristin & the kids & I managed to still make it there before Josh & Jared & Joe, because they stopped (of course) at Hooters to have lunch. This upset me because I'd wanted to buy their lunch, but I knew they wouldn't let me anyway.

Once they arrived in Groves, Kristin & I had already decided we needed to find a Wal-Mart & load up on cleaning supplies, because my landlord has a very skewed view of what's clean & what isn't -.- So, we took Jackson (Josh demanded we leave Syrus with them) & went to town. By the time we got back (It took us all of half an hour?) the furniture & boxes were ALL unloaded, Jackson's furniture (aside from his crib) was in his room, all the boxes were in the guest room like I asked, my bed had been assembled & put in the exact spot I'd wanted it, the couch was reassembled (sectional) & the tv was even on the mantle. We just stood there for a few minutes, taking it all in, confused. They are machines!!!!

Jared left in a hurry because he & Veronica had plans, but Josh & Joe hung out for about an hour. We sat in my garage & talked a bit while the boys played inside. The guys disassembled & reassembled Jackson's crib, as was necessary to get it in his room, & then we said bye & they took off. Kristin & I just kind of sat there for a minute, taking everything in. We had SO much less to do!
Now, Kristin is a very similar story. That girl was such a big help to me words can't even describe how thankful I am to have had her with me. She had a million different excuses she could have given me as to why she couldn't come help, but instead she rearranged her weekend & made herself readily available. Not many people have ever done that for me & I appreciate her an outstanding amount as well.

All in all, this was the smoothest move I've ever experienced, & it's about my eighth one in two years, so I'm pretty experienced in the process.

Thanks again, guys!


On a lighter front..
-I see Kendra realizes her worth.. Wait.. That's mean. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice lady. Who may or may not have (may have) slept with Hugh Hefner.
-I really just think Lindsay Lohan is the absolute last person Glee needs as a guest star. The show has been a little risque at times, but it's still based on a bunch of high school kids. Plus, they made fun of her very frequently in the second season. [Is it bad that I watch Glee? Nah]. Besides, she MADE OUT WITH HER MOTHER IN A CLUB! ?!!!!!!!!
-I'm a little worried about how this is going to turn out.
-I'm reposting this from Mr. Thomas' blog, but Venus is creepy & I wanted to share.
-Food for thought. A little out there, but still. Good advice on some fronts.
-This is touching.
That's all! :)


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