Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was this past weekend, & although we didn't celebrate it on Sunday, we did go to Jonah's grandparents' house in Buna for lunch & an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. It was nice. We missed Jared & Veronica & the kids by about ten minutes, & Josh & the girls didn't come down, but the rest of the Widener side of the family was there & it was nice. We saw David & Rita & their twins for the first time in probably about a year? Jackson found his very first (& only) egg, but he wasn't too sure about the grass. It was dry & poky. & freshly mowed, which made his allergies go nuts, like they weren't already struggling. But it was fun & he looked adorable.

He & Emma played on a blanket under a tree for hours. They are so sweet together :) I love that he has a cousin so close to him in age. My stupid phone was dead so I don't have not one picture that I can upload from it, but as soon as I find the cord for my camera I'll upload a few that I took with it.

I've had to give him Benadryl a few more times recently, because of his allergies. He is having a hard time with minding lately. As soon as he understood that the word "no" wasn't a magical binding contract, just a strongly voiced suggestion from his mama whom he can charm with his sweet smiles, he started pushing boundaries & testing limits & lines. I can't help but laugh half the time, & my heart just aches when he cries. BUT, he IS learning, & that's good. His biggest issue is staying away from the desk. I think he'll get it soon :)

While we were at Meme & Papa's house, Connie picked him up & sat on the rope swing with him. One of the ropes was rotten & it popped just as she sat on it, & they fell to the ground. The wooden seat of the swing swung on the rope that was still intact & connected pretty soundly with the back of his head. Poor baby has a big cut across the back of his head & everyone keeps saying "OHMYGOSH WHAT HAPPENED TO JAX??" So I have to reiterate the story every time we see someone we haven't seen in a while :P He hardly cried at all & it didn't bleed, but it did scab over somehow. He's fine though. Now that he is starting to try to walk, he looks like someone beats on him all the time. He fell on the fireplace the other day & bruised his ear really badly, & the very next day Jonah & I were in the back yard feeding the dogs & we heard him start screaming. We both bolted back inside & found him sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor crying. Neither of us could find a scratch on him, but that night when I was putting him to bed I discovered a pretty big knot on the back of his head, so I'm thinking he must've fell on the tile. We were outside for all of two minutes & he'd already hurt himself. Clumsiness DOES run rampant on both sides of his family, though.

Tomorrow Janna & Rory are coming over. Janna says she wants to help me unpack but I think we'll just play with the kids probably. :)

& right now, Jackson is playing with Hot Wheels that Syrus left behind & watching Woody the Woodpecker cartoons on Hulu. Love my kid :)


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