Friday, April 20, 2012


Sometimes I fall off the blogging bandwagon because I have nothing nice to say. It's really difficult to remember to always be positive when you have stuff going on, and I'll catch myself typing up a great big blog full of negativity. Sometimes I'll even post it just so that part of me relaxes a little, and then I immediately delete it. No one but Jonah reads this anyway as far as I can tell so I think that's just as well. So.. All of that being said, I have nothing good to say about anything. I don't know when I will.

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Jonah Cherry said...

Imomnb the only person who reads these, but I like reading them :)

Tara Cherry said...

That means a lot :) I'll be sure to post again soon! Just for you baby.

Jonah Cherry said...

OK. Think I should start a blog?

Tara Cherry said...

Yes! Yours would rock. Much more than mine ever even considered rocking. Really.

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