Friday, April 6, 2012

Puppy Chow!

So, we got a dog. Two dogs, actually. We got a puppy
, Zoe, & a full grown half Chow half German Shepherd named Ranger. Here's a pic of Ranger :) He is a sweetheart. He's really good to Zoe too. She's just six weeks old & misses her mama.

Other than the new pups, we're just getting settled in. Jonah came home night before last & so he will be here for Easter, which is exciting. Jackson was so happy to see him. He leaves again Sunday evening for a night job, but any time we get with him is great.

Jax isn't settling into the new house quite as well as we'd hoped, but I'm sure it'll take some time. He doesn't sleep good at night at all. I'm going to get him a night light next tim
e I got to the store & see if maybe that helps. I certainly hope so. He gets me up between 2 & 5 times every night, without fail. One night I even had to give him Benadryl because his allergies wer
e acting crazy, & he STILL got me up three times. I don't mind much, but I worry about him because he's getting circles under his eyes & just now, he fell asleep in his high chair while I was walking to get a wet wipe to clean him up after his dinner. Really, he did.. My poor baby. I think he'll probably have to wait til tomorrow for a bath :P

Well, have a good night! I guess I'll be up bright & early since he fell asleep at SEVEN! :P


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